Sunday, December 4, 2011


The Spider Returns!
Moonstone is proud to announce the graphic novel The Spider: The Iron Man War is now available from Moonstone Books and through your friendly neighborhood comic book shop. The graphic novel is based on Norvell Page's original pulp novel, Satan's Murder Machines, and is a rollicking, slam-bang adventure of the mysterious Iron Man, who sends giant iron robots rampaging through the streets of New York City. Those familiar with The Spider, The Master of Men, will know plenty of carnage, hair-raising escapes and breathtaking action ensures.

The artwork is painted in glorious noir double page spreads by award-winning artist J. Anthony Kosar and is just gorgeous. Howard Hopkins, renowned author and the one who handled the adaptation of this tale states, "Moonstone outdoes itself in a glossy, beautifully produced book for only $7.99. This is the follow up graphic novel to my last month's release, Satan's Seven Samurai, done with artist Gary Carbon."

If you are a Spider fan, a pulp fan, or just a fan of exquisitely produced graphic novel collectibles, you'll want to check out this book. Available directly from Moonstone at (along with Satan's Seven Samurai). Check out Moonstone's sales while you are there!

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  1. Isn't this story the one taht gave his name to Iron Man?