Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Airboy Presents: Air Vixens #1

(W) Mike Bullock (A) Ben Hansen

From the pages of Air Fighters comes the first issue of Air Vixens starring Black Angel, Bald Eagle, and Valkyrie. When Der Furher sent Valkyrie to smuggle secret weapons and intelligence across Europe in a zeppelin, he didn't expect Black Angel and Bald Eagle to crash the party - and neither did they! Tune in for the first issue featuring the high flying femme fatales of the Air Fighters in this oversized, bombastic first issue!

Omega Paradox #1

(W) Ian N
g (A) Mark Sparacio

Julian and Solarra face off against mercenaries to rescue a man from their grasp, leading to a tenuous
partnership. The enigmatic man leads them into the bowels of antiquity in search of a fearful artifact.

Zombies Vs. Cheerleaders #4

(W) Steven L. Frank & Pals (A) Various

Four awesome stories that are sure to make you laugh and cry! Easily the greatest 21 letter titled comic in history- that has zombies and cheerleaders! Featuring a Mandy cover by Dean Yeagle! Also, covers by Jeremy Dale, Rich Bonk and Jose Jaro.

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