Sunday, December 4, 2011


Writer and Editor Howard Hopkins shares about an upcoming Moonstone Project featuring Honey West, the classic female detective made famous by the wonderful Anne Francis in the classic television and brought to new life by Moonstone!

MOONSTONE-Tell us about Honey West and the project you're involved with at Moonstone.

HOWARD HOPKINS-I am the editor for the Honey West anthology and will be writing a tale with EIC Joe Gentile. Honey has been a staple at Moonstone for a bit in comic book form, written

by Trina Robbins and Will Murray, both of whom will be appearing in the prose anthology. The project is just underway and we have some great authors lined up to bring the sexy detective back to modern readers. The stories will be set in her 1960s time period and be true to the character, both novel and TV forms.

MS- What appeal does a character like Honey have to today's readers, many who never saw Anne Francis' fantastic performance?

HH-I believe the appeal of a beautiful, confident woman never changes. It’s timeless. And I firmly believe women are the stronger of the sexes, and we love them for it. Honey doesn’t take crap from anyone and any gal with a big…cat never goes out of style. She was the ultimate modern woman before her time, and as such transcends her era and genre. The only difference in her today would she’d probably have a tattoo and a couple or piercings!

MS- What can we expect in the stories in this Honey West collection?

HH-Sex, murder and mayhem! Not enough? How about slam-bang action, rollicking adventure, hair-raising mystery and—Bruce the ocelot!

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