Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Solicited for Dec’12 from Moonstone!

Domino Lady: Blonde Ambition  tpb
Story: Nancy Holder
Art: Danny Sempere, Ken Hooper
Cover: Mark Sparacio
978-1-936814-40-4, 7” x 10”, grayscale, 166pgs, $15.95

Join Nancy holder, NY Times best-selling author, as she weaves the Hollywood mystery tales of the Domino Lady. Collects the first five issues of the Domino Lady series.

Stunned and enraged by the murder of her crusading politician father, beautiful socialite Ellen Patrick becomes determined to bring her father’s killers to justice…at any cost.

A gifted Berkley graduate, she knows that to succeed in her quest, she must break all the rules. Donning a distinctive white dress and a black domino mask, she becomes The Domino Lady, one of the sexiest-and most elusive-crime fighters of all time!

Airboy and the Airfighters tpb:
Story: Chuck Dixon, Tom DeFalco, etc
Art: Lito Fernandez, Oscar Celestini, etc.
Cover: Tom Grindberg
978-1-936814-38-1, 7” x 10”, grayscale, 256pgs, $19.95

The first ever Airboy TPB!

This volume collects the Airboy 1942 Special, the 2 issues of the Airfighters, PLUS a remastered “Air Vixens”, and an ALL NEW team up of all the Airfighters!

Airboy’s first meeting with Valkyrie!... The female Airfighters on their own!...World War 2 action and adventure mixed with aerial derring-do!

Zombies vs Cheerleaders vol2:
(W) Steven L. Frank and the gang (A) Various (C) David Cutler
ISBN: 978-1936814-39-8, 7” x 10”, color, 154pgs, $16.95

This volume collects five wicked issues of the merriment loaded and titillating series, Zombies vs Cheerleaders, including every rockin' cover! Reprinting issues #4-7 of ZvC, as well as the Hack/Slash Meets Zombies vs Cheerleaders one-shot! If you like zombies and cheerleaders, and who doesn't, get caught up with this hit series!