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Honey West #6

Story: Trina Robbins

Art: Silvestre Szilagyi

Colors: Ken Wolak

Covers: Franchesco

32pgs, color, $3.99

MURDER, FORSOOTH is the way Shakespeare might have put it when Honey goes undercover in a corset and pushup bra at a Medieval Faire, to find out who’s threatening to kill the May Queen. And when those beauty queens go at it tooth and nail, battling for a prize that could lead to stardom, and when that contest might very well be fixed, woe betide the girl who wins, because her jealous rivals might make sure that it’s adios, hasta la vista, so long --- at the Faire!


Big Book of Kolchak the Night Stalker

Writers: Stuart M. Kaminsky, CJ Henderson

Art: Dennis Calero, Doug Klauba, etc

Cover: Cortney Skinner

b/w, 320pgs, 7” x 10”, $16.99

This tome collects the long out of print first two Kolchak TPB’s all in one affordable package!

Contains seven complete stories: “The Night Stalker”, “Get of Belial”, “Fever Pitch”, “Mask of Moment”, “Pain Most Human”, “Pain without Tears”, and “Devil in the Details”!

Zombies vs Cheerleaders #6

(W) Steven L Frank, Eric M Esquivel, Jeff Aden

(A) Jim Kyle, David Cutler, Ben Hansen

32pgs, color, $3.99

The zombie comic that can't be stopped! Just like a zombie, it won't die! Just like a cheerleader, it's hot! Check out the fun and thrills that only ZvC can bring! Super rad covers by Daniel Campos, David Cutler, JasonPedersen, and Elizabeth Torque!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Airboy Presents: Air Vixens #1

(W) Mike Bullock (A) Ben Hansen

From the pages of Air Fighters comes the first issue of Air Vixens starring Black Angel, Bald Eagle, and Valkyrie. When Der Furher sent Valkyrie to smuggle secret weapons and intelligence across Europe in a zeppelin, he didn't expect Black Angel and Bald Eagle to crash the party - and neither did they! Tune in for the first issue featuring the high flying femme fatales of the Air Fighters in this oversized, bombastic first issue!

Omega Paradox #1

(W) Ian N
g (A) Mark Sparacio

Julian and Solarra face off against mercenaries to rescue a man from their grasp, leading to a tenuous
partnership. The enigmatic man leads them into the bowels of antiquity in search of a fearful artifact.

Zombies Vs. Cheerleaders #4

(W) Steven L. Frank & Pals (A) Various

Four awesome stories that are sure to make you laugh and cry! Easily the greatest 21 letter titled comic in history- that has zombies and cheerleaders! Featuring a Mandy cover by Dean Yeagle! Also, covers by Jeremy Dale, Rich Bonk and Jose Jaro.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


The Spider Returns!
Moonstone is proud to announce the graphic novel The Spider: The Iron Man War is now available from Moonstone Books and through your friendly neighborhood comic book shop. The graphic novel is based on Norvell Page's original pulp novel, Satan's Murder Machines, and is a rollicking, slam-bang adventure of the mysterious Iron Man, who sends giant iron robots rampaging through the streets of New York City. Those familiar with The Spider, The Master of Men, will know plenty of carnage, hair-raising escapes and breathtaking action ensures.

The artwork is painted in glorious noir double page spreads by award-winning artist J. Anthony Kosar and is just gorgeous. Howard Hopkins, renowned author and the one who handled the adaptation of this tale states, "Moonstone outdoes itself in a glossy, beautifully produced book for only $7.99. This is the follow up graphic novel to my last month's release, Satan's Seven Samurai, done with artist Gary Carbon."

If you are a Spider fan, a pulp fan, or just a fan of exquisitely produced graphic novel collectibles, you'll want to check out this book. Available directly from Moonstone at (along with Satan's Seven Samurai). Check out Moonstone's sales while you are there!


Pulp Author Howard Hopkins brings his storytelling talent to bear on one of Pop Culture's most enduring characters! Read on as Howard Hopkins talks about his ride alongside the Masked Man of the Plains as he wrote VENDETTA, a Novel of the Lone Ranger due out in February from Moonstone!

MOONSTONE: You're the author of the upcoming Lone Ranger Novel, VENDETTA, from Moonstone. What can you tell us of the book?
HOWARD HOPKINS: You can expect the true Lone Ranger, no re-imaging and political correctness. Set in a more realistic and gritty West, dealing with authentic issues and vicious villains. The original Lone Ranger series on the radio and TV—which, make no mistake, I love dearly—was primarily intended for a younger audience. Moonstone’s series is not aimed at kids, but it is aimed at Lone Ranger fans and Western readers, as well as adventure readers and folks who just enjoy a thrilling story. The Lone Ranger and Tonto are equal parts of a whole, dealing with a West full of prejudice, sudden death and human corruption. Yet The Ranger also stands above that. He is The Lone Ranger and I have taken great pains to keep the soul and spirit of the character intact. I have a great love and respect for this character and have done my best to make sure to respect Rangers fans in writing the book. There’s nothing I hate more than seeing a cherished character so totally redone as to be not only unrecognizable but alienating. These are great, iconic characters. They were popular and loved for a reason. I see no need to change that. At the same time, the Old West is a violent, vast and even lonely place, and The Lone Ranger and Tonto are operating within it.

MS: Are you a longtime fan of the Ranger? If so, why?
HH: I am a huge fan, both of the radio and TV show, and have been since I was a kid. At a time when I didn’t even like Westerns—I loved The Lone Ranger. I loved all he stood for, his skill and compassion, his treatment of others and of course the adventure. He was a character who transcended his genre and time period. And I firmly believe he can be just as viable today as he was in the ‘50s and ‘60s.

MS: How do you make the Lone Ranger and Tonto relevant to readers today? Or is that even a concern?

HH: I honestly feel too much of a big deal is made out of making characters relevant today. In fact, I hate the word “relevant” whenever I hear it, usually applied to music. A good story with endearing characters is ALWAYS relevant. I think the new Captain America movie helped prove that. So many modern publishers and movie makers are so concerned with updating time tested characters they totally lose the “soul” of the character, and you end up with Seth Rogan’s Green Hornet. My only concerns with writing a character such as The Lone Ranger are telling the best story of which I am capable and being true to the spirit of who he is. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with some updating for the times or using the advanced mediums we now have that were not originally available. As long as you don’t take who the character essentially is and retool it so much it becomes a different entity. The Green Hornet is NOT a comedy (and neither was the Rogan movie, but that’s beside the point), and should not have been treated as such. I get the sense with some projects that the producers/writers are almost showing a sense of embarrassment with the source material. So they change it. I see it with apologies to costumes in comic books, morals in movies, whatever. What makes these characters relevant (cringe) is that they are not just products of their time—they are products of human nature and who we are at our core. That never changes. Times change. Styles change. Fads change. The essence of a great story and great characters does not.

MS: Any plans for follow up books to VENDETTA?
HH: I certainly hope there will be. I’ve written a Lone Ranger tale for the upcoming Moonstone anthology of short stories called “Denial” and I hope I will have the opportunity to pen many more novels in the line once Vendetta hits. There’s been quite a lot of prepublication interest and orders on it, so I think folks are as excited as I am to see The Ranger return to prose. It was a lifelong dream fulfilled to write Vendetta and I can’t think of anything better than to follow it up by writing a series of Ranger books. Hi yo, Silver--away!
Pre-Order VENDETTA today!


Writer and Editor Howard Hopkins shares about an upcoming Moonstone Project featuring Honey West, the classic female detective made famous by the wonderful Anne Francis in the classic television and brought to new life by Moonstone!

MOONSTONE-Tell us about Honey West and the project you're involved with at Moonstone.

HOWARD HOPKINS-I am the editor for the Honey West anthology and will be writing a tale with EIC Joe Gentile. Honey has been a staple at Moonstone for a bit in comic book form, written

by Trina Robbins and Will Murray, both of whom will be appearing in the prose anthology. The project is just underway and we have some great authors lined up to bring the sexy detective back to modern readers. The stories will be set in her 1960s time period and be true to the character, both novel and TV forms.

MS- What appeal does a character like Honey have to today's readers, many who never saw Anne Francis' fantastic performance?

HH-I believe the appeal of a beautiful, confident woman never changes. It’s timeless. And I firmly believe women are the stronger of the sexes, and we love them for it. Honey doesn’t take crap from anyone and any gal with a big…cat never goes out of style. She was the ultimate modern woman before her time, and as such transcends her era and genre. The only difference in her today would she’d probably have a tattoo and a couple or piercings!

MS- What can we expect in the stories in this Honey West collection?

HH-Sex, murder and mayhem! Not enough? How about slam-bang action, rollicking adventure, hair-raising mystery and—Bruce the ocelot!

Can't wait for the Anthology? Then get all the Honey West Moonstone has to offer TODAY at!



Thrill to the Adventures of the World's Greatest Detective as He encounters Characters, both Historical and Fictional, as Larger than Life as He is! Moonstone is proud to present an interview with Howard Hopkins, Editor of this one of a kind collection!

MOONSTONE: You are involved with the Sherlock Holmes Crossovers Volume with Moonstone. In what capacity and what can you tell us about the book?

HOWARD HOPKINS: I’m the editor on the book, plus I penned a story, The Haunted Manor, for it, which teams the Great Detective with Calamity Jane. The anthology is a collection of stories by some wonderful authors teaming Holmes with some of history and fictional literature’s most interesting characters to help solve a crime. We have Lawrence of Arabia, the Great and Powerful Oz, Arsene Lupin, Houdini, Professor Challenger, Colonel Richard Henry Savage (the true life inspiration for Doc Savage and The Avenger) and a sequel to The Sign of The Four. I’m very proud of this book and the fine writers who have made it one of the best anthologies I’ve ever worked on. The cover artwork is seriously incredible and I believe Holmes fans and general readers alike are going to enjoy it immensely. It makes an excellent companion to the brand new Holmes movie with Robert Downey due out shortly.

MOONSTONE: Why is Holmes such an endearing character so long after his original stories were published?

HH: If you had asked me before I took on this project I would have said, damned if I know. I was not a fan. In fact, when author Martin Powell originally asked me on to it, I hemmed and hawed a bit. But he handed me a handful of links to the original stories—and I groaned, I mean, reading all that OLD stuff, oh swell—I reluctantly took a look. And was glad he talked me into it because—wow. What I had been missing! Starting with The Speckled Band I found myself immediately drawn into Holmes world of Victorian England. It was quite different from the bits and pieces of films I had seen over the years. Those, frankly, had turned me off to the character. But the stories are brilliant and the character a masterpiece of fictional creation. There’s a reason these tales and the man himself have endured and that reason is because of Arthur Conan Doyle and his exquisite portrayal of Holmes and Watson. Watson especially grabbed me. He wasn’t the bumbler I had expected. The dynamics between the two drive the stories as much as the mystery, in my opinion. I instantly became a fan and enthusiast. And when the chance came to edit the anthology I jumped at it. It was quite an awakening.

See, even us old dogs CAN be taught new tricks.

MOONSTONE: Why a book of crossover stories? What appeal lies in 'teaming up' Holmes with other characters/figures?

HH: I think because he is a man who lends himself to the interpretation of others while remaining the ultimate mystery in the book. The tales are primarily how Watson sees him, so to have a view of the man by others, who may themselves be equally as quirky, is a fascinating concept. I think EIC Joe Gentile hit on something pretty unique and interesting for this anthology with the team up concept. I think Holmes fans and readers will enjoy seeing how he interacts with characters not so used to his eccentric ways. I know as the stories came in that’s what I was looking at. We all know how Holmes is—but what do others think of him and his methods? Do some feel he’s overrated? Underrated? A pain in the backside? Arrogant? Readers are certainly going to find out!

MOONSTONE: Will we see a follow up to this volume in your opinion?

HH: There are certainly many more fascinating characters and historical figures from the time period, so I would not be at all surprised.


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Moonstone, known for breathing New Pulp life into classic characters of all types, has a Holiday secret to share with You!

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For All Who Have Supported Us, Thank You! For those looking for Adventure and Action, Welcome To Moonstone!
Have a fun holiday!
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New Pulp Reviews Return of the Monsters

David Zuzelo over at has turned in a fine review of the three Return of the Monsters comics.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Author: Donald Cormack
Cover: Stephen Bryant
6” x 9”, 190pgs, $14.95

For the FIRST time anywhere…the last Spider pulp novel ever written…is published as an actual Spider novel!

A criminal genius has created an organization to sell murder where innocents are fingered for the crimes. When Nita Van Sloan is framed for murder, the Spider must infiltrate the cartel in disguise and clean house!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Cover: Doug Klauba

130pgs, 4” x 6”, $4.99
ISBN: 978-1-936814-15-2


From out of the past comes a mysterious killer systematically murdering anyone with a connection to the Masked Rider of the Plains former identity.
When all signs point to Butch Cavendish, a man long dead, The Ranger finds himself trapped in a deadly game of cat and mouse with the life of his faithful Indian companion hanging in the balance.


The LONE RANGER Chronicles
Authors: James Reasoner, Johnny D. Boggs, Denny O’Neil
Edited: Matthew Baugh, Tim Lasiuta
Cover: David Palumbo
6” x 9”, 288pgs, $18.95

THE FIRST EVER COLLECTION of NEW Lone Ranger prose stories!
The masked ex-Texas Ranger and his Native American companion Tonto fight injustice in the Wild West!

Stories include meetings with The Cisco Kid, Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, as well as the origin of Tonto and the origin of Silver!

Authors include Spur Award winner Johnny D Boggs, James Reasoner, Alex Award winner Mel Odom, Anthony Award winner Bill Crider, Matthew Baugh, Tim Lasiuta, Joe Gentile, Paul Kupperberg, Denny O’Neil, Kent Conwell, David McDonald, Thom Brannon, Troy D. Smith, Chick Dixon, and Richard Dean Starr.


Awaken your sense of ADVENTURE!

Get an acclaimed action-espionage thriller graphic novel of the DC mini series SKULL&BONES for just $4.99!..was $15.95!!!SUPER SALE, 50% off on all Radio Shows Cd's & all DVD movies!...

1. CAPTAIN ACTION King Size Special #1 (action)
2. PHASES of the MOON #1(Spider or Domino Lady: Action)
3. KOLCHAK Compendium HC (horror)
4. The SPIDER #2 (action)
5. preorder: ROTTEN TPB2 (horror)

SUPER SALE ITEMS! Limited Time offers!

supercool thriller!
was $15.95, NOW JUST $4.99!
was $19.95, NOW JUST $14.95!
was $8.99, NOW JUST $6.99!
4. SAVAGE BEAUTY #1, was $3.99,
NOW JUST $1.99!
5. LAI WAN: Tales of the Dreamwalker
issues #1,2...were $3.99, NOW JUST $1.49!

Previously released:
1. The GREEN HORNET Casefiles (action)
2. The AVENGER Justice Inc Files (action)
3. The SPIDER: Satan's Murder Machines HC (action
4. The HEAP #1 (thriller)
5. OMEGA PARADOX (action)

Domino Lady HC
Spider: Judge, Jury HC
Buckaroo Banzai #1
Air Vixens
Phases of the Moon #2
Zombies vs Cheerleaders #4
Zombies vs Cheerleaders TPB
Vampire, PA HC

Coming up:
*BIG -hairy -news coming....stay tuned!
*Box 13, Johnny Dollar, and one lone masked surprise- prose anthologies TBA!

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