Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Green Lama and Domino Lady AND The Golden Amazon! In September from Moonstone!

DOMINO LADY: “Money Shot” novel
Author: Bobby Nash, Howard Hopkins
Artist: Doug Klauba
978-1-936814-83-(51195)1, 6” x 9”, 216pgs, 11.95) 978-1-936814-84-8(51195)
Politics make strange bedfellows. A deadly ménage-a-trois of power, politics and money, threatens to bring 1930’s Hollywood to its knees. An assassin is hired to kill an idealistic young DA running for governor, who happens to be Domino Lady’s lover. A morally bankrupt movie star-turned ambitious politician, with mob ties and a temper, takes both of them on. Can Domino Lady keep her candidate safe or will she learn the hard way that politics can be murderand moreover, can pulp’s #1 sultry temptress survive the money shot?
Plus a bonus GOLDEN AMAZON -warrior woman- novella by Howard Hopkins!

GREEN LAMA: “Horror in Clay” novel
Author: Adam Lance Garcia
Artist: Mike Flyes
$7.99, 100pgs, 6” x 9” 978-1-936814-86-2(5799)
New York 1938. The German Consulate has been attacked, leaving all but one of the Nazi diplomatic corps brutally murdered. Only Jethro Dumont, the Green Lama, and his associates, Jean Farrell, Ken Clayton and Lieutenant Caraway, can find out who’s behind this horrible crime. But as the Green Lama’s investigations deepen, he discovers a crime far greater than any ever committed by man, and learns a secret that will define the course of his destiny.

Friday, May 2, 2014



Attention all Moonstone readers, fans, collectors, freelancers, relatives, facebook friends, pets, & all!

If you have enjoyed what we do, and especially our HONEY WEST books, we would so appreciate hearing from you (and your ocelot).

You have probably heard about various TV shows being saved from cancellation by fans writing in: Star Trek being the most famous of the bunch.
This is kind of the same thing concerning HONEY WEST...first female private eye of both literature and TV.

If you would like to see more HONEY WEST, please email us and let us know...feel free to say what you like about what we have done.

Just email us at:, tell us what you like, and just give us your name, city, and state.

ALL email addresses will be held by us as confidential.

If we can accumulate enough emails to succeed, we will put all of the emails into a random raffle, and give away cool prizes to the top winners!

Thank you all so much for all of the support over the years!