Saturday, February 18, 2012

Exclusive Team Up Trio from Moonstone at Comixology!

MOONSTONE is proudly offering a brand new comic…never published before…as an exclusive to COMIXOLOGY!


Team up in this one-shot, 60pg, super groovy spy thriller!

Vertigo’s crime writer Gary Phillips (Angel Town, Cowboys) presents this oversize comic one time event!

For the first time ever Zen freelance spy Derek Flint, the cool curvaceous
private eye Honey West, and the mysterious secret agent super-hero Captain Action team up in a story in swingin’ sixties L.A. to battle hippie robots, mobbed-up, ray gun totting gangsters, a wigged out mad scientist,brainwashed GIs and an alien menace we could only called DANGER A-GO-GO. Dig it!

Enjoy the fun for only $3.99! ONLY AVAILABLE HERE!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Scoop Looks at SAVAGE BEAUTY!

SAVAGE BEAUTY, the Jungle Girl Tale of Today, gets attention at!

Savage Beauty

Inspired by the headlines from eastern Africa, retropreneur Ed Catto, and his Captain Action partner, Joe Ahearn, recruited longtime writer of The Phantom, Mike Bullock, and together the three createdSavage Beauty as a way of exploring the fascinating stories from the headlines of African nations while also providing a platform for charitable causes to spread their messages.

Savage Beauty is the story of two sisters, Lacy and Liv Rae, and their adventures in Africa. Recent UCLA graduates, the sisters are ostensibly on assignment for African Adventures magazine, traveling the continent for feature stories. In reality, guided by the mysterious Mr. Eden, these young women are tasked with righting wrongs on a local basis. Assuming the identity of the mythological goddess Anaya, the sisters use the legend, their wits, and Mr. Eden’s vast resources to gain an advantage over wrongdoers.

In addition to the attention paid to real world events, Savage Beauty offers a dynamic twist on the jungle girl genre. Not only does it have two sisters working together, one is white and the other is black.

Lacy Rae may seem like a typical Malibu Barbie, but she’s an excellent volleyball player and dancer who excelled in her geo-political studies to graduate at the top of her class with a major in journalism. Her sister, Liv Rae, was an orphan in Kenya, when she was adopted. She’s only a few months younger than Lacy Although she is a quick thinker and highly adaptable, Liv would much prefer to mentally strategize any plan before springing into action. Liv is a top swimmer and majored in communication arts at UCLA.

Savage Beauty first saw publication as a 2010 New York Comic Con exclusive comic book ashcan that quickly sold out. Series writer Mike Bullock and artists Dan Parent and Tania Del Rio further helped raise awareness at the convention by selling posters and autographing Savage Beauty merchandise.

It’s been a comic book series from Moonstone and it’s one of those projects that seems like it could be destined for bigger things. There’s lots more to it, but that’s the quick snapshot.