Friday, August 24, 2012


Can't get enough of your favorite Night Stalker or the best looking PI the Sixties had to offer? Then hang on, because in January 2013, Kolchak and Honey West are teaming up, courtesy of Moonstone!

Kolchak & Honey West #1
Story: Janet L. 
Art: Ronn Sutton
Covers: Malcolm Mclinton, Ronn Sutton, Hayden Davis
40pgs, color, $3.99

Two top-tier investigators in one titanic team up!
High heels and Hedonism!

Young cub reporter Carl Kolchak falls into an ongoing investigation with Honey West, who is undercover at a gentlemen’s club! Disappearing women are the main course, as they both fight to just stay alive, as the violence escalates and the case gets out of control!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


FULL MOON: Phases of the Moon HC is about 4 weeks away from release and fans of great comics can preorder it from their retailers still... 

FULL MOON: Phases of the Moon

Story: Steven L Frank, Paul D. Storrie, CJ Henderson, Earl Mac Rauch
Art: Nathan Stockman, Glen Fernandez
Cover: Andy Black
78pgs, PC, $29.99

The only occasion this crazy time-travelling serial killer saga will appear all together in color!
What started with The Spider, Domino Lady, Honey West, Kolchak and others...ends here!

*Plus the unseen final chapter starring SHEENA!
*Plus a recently uncovered BUCKAROO BANZAI part of this tale!
*Plus a never before seen epilogue starring KOLCHAK, as years later he uncovers the even more startling truth behind the lies!

Moonstone is about to send out an amazing collection of pulp stories and the publisher had this to say about it: "This is Moonstone’s big team up adventure, but with our own spin on that kind of concept."

First, there are 6 individual comic book short stories, each spotlighting one character with some have characters acting in unison as well.

These 6 stories are broken down into 3 different time eras:

Era: the 1930’s: The Spider & Domino Lady
Era: the early 70’s: Honey West and Kolchak
Era: current day: Sheena

After these 6 stories, come 2 prose stories, one featuring Buckaroo Banzai (written by Banzai’s creator Mac Rauch) and Kolchak.

The Kolchak prose story is the official story ender, as the final truths are revealed. 
"Years after the fact, more startling revelations are uncovered by Kolchak, with a wild twist ending!" 
Written by Kolchak scribe CJ Henderson!

The overall plot is about a serial killer... and that story flows through the three time periods mentioned.

Finally the publisher concludes my stating "We wanted a big team up story... without the story being too cosmic, because these characters are not all-powerful superheroes, but ones that really put it all on the line... WITHOUT powers."

The idea for the project and the plot was created by Steven L Frank.

You can still order FULL MOON: PHASES OF THE MOON HC via your retailer and local comic shop: 
PAGE 312-313     
SPOT    JUN12 1198    FULL MOON PHASES O/T MOON HC (C: 0-1-0)    08/29/12    SRP: $29.99        
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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


new preorders +bonus!
Two HOT items...available in under 8 weeks, are now available for preorders! 
(just click the word "preorders" on the front left)
ANY READERS WHO PREORDER THESE ITEMS NOW WILL BE GUARANTEED A COPY! a thank you bonus...ANY preorders placed for these books will receive an e-gift certificate from us (immediately) that equals 20% of the preorder book's price!

1. FULL MOON: Phases of the Moon
 this color HC finally finishes off the serial-killer through time mini series starring:
The Spider, Domino Lady, Honey West, Kolchak, Sheena, Buckaroo Banzai, and Kolchak!
This will be the only time this is available in color!
Includes the never before seen final 2 chapters!
Plus: a brand new Buckaroo Banzai story and a brand new Kolchak story!

2. The SPIDER: Shadow of Evil
    The first new Spider novel in 65 years picks up where the last left off, packed to the gills with the greatest slam-bang action ever penned by master pulpster CJ Henderson!
Richard Wentworth, the Spider, wonders if his long struggle against the forces of evil has been worth it? Should he continue, or grab for personal happiness before his time runs out? Then, at the moment he makes his decision, fate unleashes the most hellish horrors against New York City of all time!
Bonus HC feature: an exclusive brand new hard-boiled Ed Race ("the Masked Marksman") story by Rich Harvey!

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